[Article 45]About amyfaery!!

Hello sweetie!  I’m amyfaery <3 I’m 42yrs old, married, two grown kids,  and tend to be one kinky kinda gal *wink*…i love to dress up in all kinds of ways and take pictures, being spanked, hair pulling, being tied up and sucking cock are a few of my favorite things….otherwise i like to paint, garden and just be artistically creative (usually with glue and glitter lol…LOVE glitter!!!) …

This is my fist webpage, and I’d love to hear from you…perhaps your fantasies and feedback..even ideas and requests are welcome! There is going to be a lot going on, and I am going to try to do things on here daily, so come by and chat with me! *wink*
I’ve been posting on reddit, fubar, and fetlife, for the most part, and wanted to consolidate things, which i’m hoping will free up some time for me to do other kinky things to put up here for ya’ll lol

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  1. amyfaery,com

  2. very good slut….

  3. The most gorgeous, sexiest redhead ever!

  4. Love To see More

  5. i’m going to be adding something every day sweetie..i have stories and fantasies to write out, videos to make, etc….so keep coming back! *wink*

  6. Avatar clitlicker70
    clitlicker70 says:

    I am SO GLAD I seen your post on fubar, I LOVE your site!! You are one hell of a sexy, hot woman!

  7. Avatar Mick_Bastard
    Mick_Bastard says:

    You are so damn hot! Your husband [and lovers, if you take them] are incredibly fortunate to have you.

    Just looking at your pics and reading your fantasies has my mind going to some very lascivious places…

  8. Hello sweeties! *wink* i hope you all are enjoying the site more now that i’m actually putting more stuff up lol … thankyou for all your positive feedback!! ;) … i’m finally doing what i meant to do back in August, and get more pics up, take more videos and pics, and actually put them up here! I apologize for slacking off on this task, and promise i will be adding things every day for a while!!! *wink*

    I’m going to be taking all kinds of pics coming up, so keep checking back often!!! also, if you have any requests, let me know, sweeties~! I love to dress up to fit your fantasy, just let me know what it is!!! I’m creative and will try to figure out how to make it cum to life! ;)

    Please feel free to stop by, have a wank or two, ask me questions thru the chat (yeah ppl! don’t forget about the chat! it’s the bubble at the bottom of the screen you can click on to talk to me!!!!)…i’ll answer any questions you have!!! And feel free to leave your comments!!!!!! I love hearing from you all!!!! <3

    • …and don’t think we haven’t noticed! So much Faery to devour, so little time.

      Anyway, I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all your awesome content. I don’t comment on everything, and haven’t in a while, but I really enjoy your updates and pics. I’ll have to get better about that.

      Keep doing what you’re doing, Faery! And I’ll…keep doing what I’m…doing. Yeah.

  9. Hello Gorgeous …. I’m glad that you added me !!….. Enjoyed your videos !! … Time goes very quickly when I’m clicking your site !!! ……I’m dreaming away ….!! Hugggg !!

  10. Hey sexy. Would love to see you and another woman eating each other. Would also like to make a video with you!!

    • Avatar amyfaery
      amyfaery says:

      hi sweetie *wink* my only problem with that is having to get their permission to post anything sweetie…they give it, then change their mind later…

  11. Avatar sexyboy27
    sexyboy27 says:

    god this site is paradise i love it

    • Avatar amyfaery
      amyfaery says:

      thankyou sweetie *wink* keep coming back often cause i put stuff up almost every day! and if you have a request for me, put it in the forum sweetie

  12. Avatar plasterman9
    plasterman9 says:

    Fantastic videos, pictures and all around fun. Keep doing the good work.